Interventions: A Short-Circuit in Mission (Sermon on Luke 4:14-30)

A number of people have asked about making the sermons available online so we’re going to start experimenting with doing this on our blog. This is our first run, hopefully it is easy to use for everyone. In this audio clipped I’ve included the offertory song by a young fellow by the name of Mac who helped play music for our during our Peace Playhouse a couple weeks ago, the sermon follows.

Interventions: A Short-Circuit in Mission (Luke 4:14-30) MP3 (click to play) Or click here to download file.

If you’re still having trouble downloading the file try the download the box just off to the right of this webpage titled CFC Podcast.

Slides to go along with the sermon.


  1. Thanks for posting your sermon online. I just downloaded it and plan to listen tomorrow on the bus into work. jt

      1. Yes, I got it to work. It automatically saved to music, so I just created a playlist for Camas Friends and dragged it into there. Could you have it save as a podcast?

  2. I just downloaded it–from the link in the text, as the on the right side didn’t work–and put it into iTunes and onto my iPhone to listen to today. iTunes it didn’t categorize it into “Religious” and, since it was .mp4 I had to search for it, rather than knowing it was in the Music library, but, such is iTunes encoding. Works for me…thanks!

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