Text of the Week: Matthew 6:11 “A Prayer For Enough”

This past Sunday we discussed strand one of the prayer, the worshiping community strand found in the words “Our Father” and the challenge and privilege it is to be able to pray those words together. If you missed the sermon the podcast is online (via iTunes) and is also on the church blog for download (click here: http://wp.me/pzEU4-2w). You can also find the text for the sermon on my blog.

This week we look at the ethics strand of the prayer:

“Give us this day our daily bread.” (Matthew 6:11)

I invite you to share a story of a time when God supplied daily bread for you (it’s okay if it was not literal bread) in the comments below.


  • When was a time when you witnessed receiving daily bread when you needed it most?
  • When was a time when you practiced being givers of daily bread?
  • What does daily bread look like to you?

Activity: We are inviting everyone to bring new or (very) gently used clothing, food, and other items to be given to homeless people as the need arises this winter.  We are going to place all of this into a “sharing” receptacle that looks a lot like a (clean, new) trash can (wink, wink), as we participate in a ministry called “Trash Cans Can Make A Difference.” There will be opportunity for people to bring things to the front and place them in the can.

Things to bring would include: camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, boots, hats, scarves, gloves, coats, backpacks and bags.  We also want to have food items that require no preparation such as peanut butter, pop top cans, granola bars, etc.  Also, vouchers for gas and certificates for places like Burgerville would be helpful. Please remember that many of these people will be constantly on the move, so items should be compact and portable.  Also, items should be in new or gently used condition so they still have lots of use left.  Please bring items for this Sunday.