Going On A Trip? A Quaker Travel Directory

For those of you planning a trip it’s always nice to know that there are more options than a hotel for you to stay in, especially if you’re interested in meeting Quakers (and making friends) along the way. We just got the Directory for Traveling Friends for anyone in our meeting to use.It will be kept on the recommendation table in the foyer for awhile so you can come and check it out. It may be really helpful for you if you’re traveling in the ministry, out on business or just turn a long road trip into something more communal.

Also, If you are planning a trip, or traveling in the ministry in the Northwest our Yearly Meeting has a directory available on its website called Friends House to House.


  1. I am a Quaker in Dayton, VA. Is there a directory for Quakers travelling which would include the East Coast? I would like to add my name as a host and also find other hosts. Thank you for any information you can share on this subject.

    1. Hi Eliza, I think that the directory linked to above is exactly what you’re looking for. Contact the FGC bookstore to find out how to submit your name. Thanks!

  2. I’m looking for Friends-traveler lodging in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi Paul – try FWCC’s website, Quakermaps.org, or Quakerinfo.org — see if you can locate some of the meetings down there and make connections that way.

      good luck!

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