Back From the Retreat, Plus Christmas Reflection Packet

We had a fantastic time this past weekend at Twin Rocks with a wonderful crew from Camas Friends Attending. My daughter, L, and I had a good time on our first weekend adventure together, and there were a lot of other kiddos who looked like they had a blast too. The retreat was truly relaxing, and we enjoyed two extended periods of worship and sharing that were casual but grounded. The weather we had this weekend, along with the facilities at Twin Rocks Friends Camp and food made the trip stupendous. I am already looking forward to next year.

I also wanted to include the Christmas readings and reflection packet that we used this weekend for those of you who would like to share it around, or those who were unable to be with us at Twin Rocks. Included in the packet is a classic Christmas narrative by Leo Tolstoy called Papa Panov’s Special Christmas, a reflection by Andy Rowell, one by Emily and I, and then a poem by the late Howard Thurman. The second half of the packet has Scripture readings from the second week of Advent, there are also queries for reflection.

Feel free to share this around if you’d like: Christmas Reflections Camas Friends Church Retreat 2009