Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Coming to Camas

Hello Everyone,

I received this in an email today and it reminded me to bring it to your attention:

28 young people, aged 16-18, are arriving today in Seattle for FWCC’s Quaker Youth Pilgrimage. The pilgrims, from Britain, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the USA, will spend a month in the Pacific Northwest. Please pray for them, for the four leaders and for the volunteers who are working to support this event.

These pilgrims are coming to Camas Friends August 7-9 and they will be staying in our meeting house.

We have a great opportunity to build community among one another and other Friends. Here are some ways you can all participate in this event:

  • Jean Goecks is planning meals and can use some help for a couple meals.
  • These young Friends will be worshipping with us on Sunday (August 8th) and after our worship we will have a BBQ potluck outside so we can all greet, meet and eat meat! 😉 We could use an extra grill and grill master or two as Jim may have difficultly grilling for our meeting plus 30+ teens! Though I have no doubts he will give it his best try, he’d probably like the help! 😉
  • After the potluck we’re going to be going to Sandy Beach in Washougal to hang out and play in the water, this is a church-wide event and everyone is invited.
  • Sunday evening we’ll need some of you local Camas residents (those of you within walking distance to the meeting house) to open your homes up for showers for these youth since we don’t have showers in our building and provide a light dessert/snack for 2-4 teens (we’re thinking 2 teens to a shower per house). We’re calling this Showers and Desserts (wow! I know, so creative), but hopefully they won’t be eating their desserts in the showers!
  • Along with the Showers and Desserts time, we’ll need some of you (preferably those of you not hosting the shower time) to act as shuttles from Sandy Beach to their designated shower homes. I would presume shuttle drivers will be offered tasty desserts as well.

I think it’s going to be a really fun experience, a great way to meet young Quakers from around the world, and hang out with one another! I hope you’ll join us.

If you want to help with meals contact Jean, or contact me if you want to offer your home for the shower and dessert time or be a shuttle person.