Laundry Love About to Begin in Camas/Washougal

Camas Friends Laundry Love Chart

We have a group of people in our church working to start Laundry Love in Camas and Washougal. The project is not far away from being launched. For those of you unfamiliar with Laundry Love you can visit their website. Basically the idea is that we help people wash their clothes (we provide the quarters and the detergent) at a local laundromat and in the process we hope to build friendships with some of these people and find out other ways that we as a church can be supporting the poor in our community. I am really excited about the project and I think it’s not only something we desperately need in our area, but something that will be really good for our church to be involved in.

[The image above is how we’re gauging our fundraiser for the initial launch of the project.]