Missed This Past Sunday

Hello Again,

For those of you who missed last Sunday we began looking at the book of Jeremiah. I gave some background to the book, to the prophet Jeremiah and talked a little about why we might study his message. The emphasis of the message was on what we put our hands to and what we are growing.

If you missed it and are interested in what we talked about and some of the questions we raised you can find the text on my blog or you can listen to our podcast (the audio from Sunday will be available early next week).

Besides family camp this weekend there are two events on September 11th. We are doing a return to peace playhouse for our young ones. The other event is the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair which goes form 9-5 at Esther Short Park. If you’d like to help volunteer with a table for the Yearly Meeting let me know, we need some help there.

Finally, I posted the State of the Church Report on our website. Please feel free to share this with friends, family, co-workers, mother, etc, or anyone else you know may be interested in what we’ve been up to over the last year.


PS — would you like to get an update kind of email like this weekly or do you feel like it would be too much information? What else would you like to see in it if we did this?