EcoChallenge 2010: Northwest Earth Institute

Every year we do a couple of the courses from the Northwest Earth Institute. We really like their stuff. We will be doing their new course starting next week called: A World of Health. More info will be posted shortly (and if you’re interested in doing the course please contact our office).

The NWEI is doing a two week EcoChallenge starting October 1st that looks like a lot of fun. Here’s a blurb:

The Northwest Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge is a two week event promoting sustainable living, and the power of taking one step toward a healthy, vibrant, sustainable future. The 2010 EcoChallenge will take place October 1-15. Register today to be an EcoChallenger or start an EcoChallenge team and join a growing community of people taking action on behalf of the planet!

via EcoChallenge 2010.

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