Spiritual Storytelling Workshop October 9 10am – 4pm

At Camas Friends Church

Everyone is welcome!

There will be a potluck lunch; donations to Western Friend welcome but not required for participation.

Led by Kathy Hyzy, Editor of Western Friend magazine

Do you love stories?

Then this may be a workshop for you!

Participants in this workshop will:
-hear some wonderful stories
-gain a deeper understanding of their fellow participants
-practice creating a safe, deeply-grounded listening space
-learn some very basic storytelling methods
-reflect on the role of storytelling (aka narrative theology) in Quaker practice

Friends who would prefer to only listen to stories are as welcome as those who have a story to tell (and we will all spend time listening to some great stories!) We will spend some time preparing the group for attentive, grounded listening – a process akin to the clearness process, where listening opens up the story for the teller and helps them to discover the layers and meaning within. This process deepens connections, allows us to hear together the movement of the Spirit and gives voice to the workings of God among us.

Each storyteller will have time to share a spiritual experience – that is, a time when they felt close to God, an encounter with a sense of opening and transcendence. This may be for one an experience with nature, for another a moment with a child, or a period of great sorrow, joy, or transition. You are the best person to determine whether or not your story is a spiritual one, and we will not be grading anyone! Workshop participants are not required to tell a story: those who wish to only listen are most welcome (and you can change your mind once you’re there.)

If you think you may want to tell a story at the workshop, spend some time considering your life, and try to identify some nuggets of experience that are important to you spiritually. It can be helpful to practice telling the story out loud to yourself; aim for a story that takes 8-15 minutes to tell. And remember, none of us are professionals! If you don’t have a chance to practice, that’s okay. You don’t need a script or to have rehearsed to share deeply from your heart. You may also contact Kathy directly with any questions: editor@westernfriend.org or 503.956.4709.