Supporting and Grounding One Another in Our Ministries: Committees for Clearness and Support, Peer Froups, and Spiritual Friendship

October 23 9am – 5pm at Multnomah Meeting

A one-day workshop, led by Marge Abbott, aimed at helping us better support one another in our meetings. Friends today have several different ways of accompanying one another in our spiritual journeys and in the particular ministries that grow out of leadings of the Spirit.

Multnomah Meeting appoints Clearness Committees which meet on a short-term basis for membership and marriage. In addition, individuals, families or groups in meeting may request a Clearness Committee for help with discernment in a difficult situation or facing major life choices.

Support Committees appointed by Multnomah meet on a longer-term basis and are of two types: 1) upholding others in the Spirit who face a long-term challenge such as an illness, imprisonment or a financial emergency and 2) supporting ministry of those who are called to service. Support Committees may follow a Clearness Committee to provide accountability to the clarity the focus person has gained in the clearness process.

This workshop is offered for people who have, or might in the future be part of Clearness or Support Committees. It is designed to incorporate the focus person as well as the ones who are appointed to serve on the committees. This time together will provide an opportunity to reflect on this work and learn from each other’s experiences.

All Friends from the Portland region are welcome to attend. Cost is $25 for workshop, lunch, and pamphlets. Financial aid is available. Please register by October 15. Questions and e-mail registration to: Annis Bleeke: 503-224-9121; Here is a link to the registration form, or you can contact the church office for a paper copy.