A Conversation with Noah Baker Merrill: Building and Being a Quaker Community in Our World (Monday April 4)

Hi Friends,

This is the last email about Noah’s visit but I did want to give you a few more details.

This coming Monday, April 4th @ 6:30pm, at our meetinghouse we’ll be hosting a visiting traveling Quaker minister for the evening.

Noah is from Vermont but is a “Friend in Residence” at Multnomah Monthly Meeting for a few weeks. Multnomah has generously agreed to share Noah’s time with us for the evening. I met Noah last year while doing Inter-visitation work in Richmond among Young Friends. In this short time he’s become a good friend, a fun fellow to hang around with and clearly someone who has a deep call on his life to serve God.

He’s done a lot of work traveling among Friends around the world and most recently has done work with Iraqi refugees and visited Cuba Yearly Meeting (for more info go here).

The overall topic for Monday’s evening (At this point, anyways!) is:

Building and Being a Quaker Community in Our World

We will have some open worship and Noah will have a chance to share some of his story and anything else God lays on his heart to share, then we will move into more of a conversation and leave room for those attending to ask their own questions and interact.

I anticipate that this will be a good time of worship, learning and community building.

Peace – Wess