Sunday May 1st Preparation

Hello All,

I hope your Monday is going well. I just got back from a meeting with MaryKate Morse over at George Fox Seminary about a class I am going to adjunct next year on cultural transformation! It was a good time and I’m pretty excited about the class. I think it’s going to be a great experience and should fit my schedule well; I only have to be on campus for 3 days, the rest of it is online! I plan on bringing a lot of my research that I’ve been doing for school into the class and will tie in some of the Quaker stuff we’ve been doing. So, anyways, as you can tell, I think it will be fun. I also hope to share some of the ideas for the class with those of you who are interested.

On another note, I really enjoyed worshipping with all of you yesterday. I love to participate in the Beacon Rock tradition is and continue to learn more and more about that history. We have such a rich past together as a community! And eating breakfast with all of you and our regular time of worship felt abundant with God’s grace.

I am grateful for all of you and I look forward to living in the light of the resurrection with all of you in the coming year!


Details for this coming Sunday.

Seth Martin will be bringing us music in the morning.

Then we will have an extended time of open worship. After Seth leads us in worship through singing, we’ll reflect on Lent and consider the ways in which we have encountered Christ.

After worship we’ll have an hour for lunch. There is a change of plans in terms of lunch. I spoke with Leslie Cole and we’ve decided to have everyone be on their own for lunch. So bring your own sack lunch for after worship, or join a group of us over at Burgerville.

Then at 1pm our Christine Sine event will take place. If you haven’t you need to register online. Do that here:

Queries for Sunday:

  • What Canst Thou Say about Christ?
  • What is something that you will take with you from Lent this year?
  • Is there a place that you feel led to change or engage with out of this experience?