What We Want You To Know About Us

We recently asked the congregation the question: What would you like people to know about Camas Friends? This was our response.


We are God loving, Christ centered. Welcoming, nurturing.

We accept people as they are and where they are.

Camas Friends is a place not only to worship under Quaker leadership but to share our experiences and grow as a community together. Leadership in the church is more of facilitating –> personal growth is inquiry based.

This church is deep, refreshing, and kind. I am consistently impressed with the services every time I attend.

We are here and fulfilling our Mission.

This is a church that loves God and has a warm, welcoming spirit.

Its a casual and friendly place that shows everyone a path to God. All are accepted.

I love the casual atmosphere, where if my child talks too loudly during silent time, people won’t be mad or judge us; where I can wear jeans, even take off my shoes; where my friends can knit during the service…

You can read more responses here: http://camasfriends.org/about/in-our-own-words/

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