Exodus: Our Final Exit


I hope you’re all doing well. I woke up this morning feeling under the weather myself. I am contemplating eating raw garlic at Wally’s recommendation!

A heads up — This coming Monday OPB’s program “Think Out Loud” is doing a program on Camas and they will be recording it live from Camas Library (You can find more information here)! I have been asked to be on the program to discuss social issues, such as poverty, facing our community. I believe that there will be space to have some guests come so if you have some availability you might want to mark it on your calendar. It will be from 9-10am 11/14. I will let you know more about the details of how many people they can have. I would feel better if some of you can be there, I know I’ll be fairly nervous!

Since Brad and I have been working on Exodus together over the last couple months we thought it would be fun to wrap everything up with a little something “special,” or you might say “different.” 😉 So we are going to have a little fun as a way to exit Exodus.

We invite you to reflect this week on these questions concerning our journey through Exodus:

  • What did you find interesting or unsettling?
  • What did you find comforting?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What images are you left with?
  • How have your thoughts on God, Moses, the book of Exodus changed?

May you be reminded of God’s grace and mercy this week,