Occupy and Peace Month (Tomorrow Night 6pm)

This month we’ve been participating in “Peace Month” which is a something our denomination (Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends) hosts each year. It encourages local Quaker meetings to discuss our the Quaker convictions around things such as peace, plainness, and truth-telling. Last Wednesday’s discussion on “Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign” was a part of what Camas Friends is doing for Peace Month.

Tomorrow we will be hosting another event, this time on the local Occupy movement and what it has to do with the Quaker practices. We have invited Stephanie Rotondo, an organizer from the Occupy Vancouver group, and three Quakers from Portland who have all been involved with Occupy: Jade Souza, Avery Welkin and Gil George.

Our panel will discuss questions like:

  • What is occupy?
  • What are some of the things it stands for?
  • Why did you get involved? What did you do? What was impactful for you?
  • How do you see your Quaker faith connecting you to this movement?
  • I may ask any/all of you to respond in the larger discussion forum to these questions
  • Connections and possible conflicts with testimonies like peace, equality, etc?

We’ll see you then!