Quaker Quotes and Queries

Some thoughts from the Quaker Tradition:

True godliness don’t turn [people] out of the world, but enables them to live better in it, and excites their endeavours to mend it: not hide their candle under a bushel, but set it upon a table in a candlestick… William Penn

Our forefathers [and foremothers] did not talk about the implications of a way of life which they were not already striving to follow; neither dare we let our words outrun our striving, nor our plans our readiness to implement them. The world desperately needs men and women whose yea is yea and whose nay is nay. The testimony of our daily life still matters. We prayer that this may be our sure witness: that of us it may be said that our lives make it easier for [people] to believe in God. London Yearly Meeting, 1943


  • In what ways am I being led to open my hands to those around me?
  • Is my faith turning me out into the world so that I might live better in it?
  • Does the way I live put on display the gift of God in the world?