Lena Sessions on the Nursery of Truth

LenaSessionsA friend once told me that God is a story. After spending a weekend sharing spiritual beliefs, questions and stories at Nursery of Truth, I enjoyed connecting with other convergent friends and felt the spirit move between us.
For me, connection to God is often discovered in nature (preferably while backpacking ;). The Nursery of Truth gave me the opportunity to share with others a specific moment in nature where I lost all my faith, and describe how I slowly discovered that this extremely challenging experience was the beginning of a stronger relationship that I am building with God.

I came into Nursery of Truth thinking that my own understanding of Quakerism and God was unique and unshared. Wondrously enough, however, I realized that most people who had a spiritual story to tell had experienced a journey similar to my own.

Presenters and Quaker scholars Zach Moon, Kathy Hyzy, Wess Daniels and Peggy Parsons, offered their own stories and perspectives on faith, spirituality and Quakerism. Their uniquely genuine energy and presentation styles kept us sitting on the edge of our pews, laughing, listening, cringing and crying.

Thank-you to all who shared and listened to stories this weekend. I look forward to continued connections with all who attended the event and am once again reminded of how proud I am to be a Quaker.

Lena Sessions lives in Portland, Oregon. She is studying Public Health at Portland State University. Outside of school she enjoys attending Camas Friends Church and Multonomah Meeting, running, backpacking and craftmaking.