Lynette Fazio on the Inward Journey

Perhaps like the tides, when we go within to the inner, deeper part of ourselves we take with us a portion of the unseen ocean depths. We allow ourselves to delve within and feel the peace, wisdom and most significantly, love of God. We know ourselves to be that beloved child of God, not just believe it. In silence and with the grace God demonstrates to us, we feel this love to be all-encompassing and can accept God’s love with gratitude and joy. We have not earned it. We have not worked for it. God simply bestows this love upon us because of God’s own immense love for all.

When we experience this with true humility, we begin to recognize that it is our birthright. What God blesses us with freely and without judgment. Then we take this to our outward journey. Often nature reflects the cyclic nature of our ability to feel this inner understanding. Where in winter there is dormancy hiding replenishment and in spring a bursting forth of growth, our journeys will be cyclic. Nature can replenish our spirit to recognize outwardly what we feel inwardly, since in actuality there is no separation. However, our outward journeys are most often involved in relationships. Others are equally beloved by God. When we can express to others our own sense of love and mercy which is what God gives to us, we are demonstrating to ourselves and God our desire to reflect God’s purpose. Perhaps others have not earned our love and kindness. Yet, filled with one’s own inner peace, we can bestow it upon others anyway.

At times, we will profoundly feel God’s love and at other times, we will not be as cognizant, like at low tide. During these times, whether we are in our roles as parent, spouse, child or friend we can still cling to the understanding of God’s benevolence, and extend that love to others in spite of ourselves. In this manner does God become intrinsic in all of our relationships and inherent in our journey outward to the world.