Laundry Love of Camas & Washougal

Laundry Love of Camas and Washougal

The first and third Thursday of every month from 6-8pm we are at Riverside Laundry in Washougal washing clothes and trying to help meet a tangible need in our community. If you or someone you know could use a couple loads of laundry washed we’d love to take care of the cost for you. Stop by.

If you want more info contact our church office.

If you would like to donate to Laundry Love of Camas and Washougal you can do so by clicking the donate button at the bottom of this page.

Laundry Love Projects (LLPs) are regular opportunities to help people who are struggling financially by assisting them with doing their laundry. Relationships are built, and LLPs become small communities of common concern in which participants often find that they receive assistance and benefit with other areas of their lives.

You can host your own Laundry Love and read more about it on the Just4One website.

Interested in contributing to the project?

Please click here to donate to the Camas/Washougal LLP.

This project relies on the donations of those in our meeting & other supporters:


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