Men’s Camping Retreat (Sept. 13-15)

Men's Retreat

This September 13-15th, the men of Camas Friends are invited to go camping!

This retreat will be a time to reflect, reconnect with God, and experience spiritual growth, all while forging connections with other men in the church.

Jason Minnix will be facilitating our retreat. He served as co-pastor of a Friends meeting at Riversway Church, until moving to Austin, TX with his family several years back.

These days he is a jack of many trades, including spiritual director, massage therapist, farmer, and beekeeper.

If this sounds like your idea of a great time (and how could it not?) click here to register and you can pay online via a credit card with Pay-Pal. 

Age: 18 and up.

Cost: $40 (includes cost of the book)

Location: Abbot Cabins at Mt. Hood.

Book to read in preparation: “The Gift of Contemplative Prayer: Everything Belongs” by Richard Rohr

We have books in the office when you are ready to pick them up.

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