Enjoy the Music of Peter Gallagher (September 8th, Crown Park.)

Photo Courtesy of Peter Gallagher.
Photo Courtesy of Peter Gallagher.

Musician Peter Gallagher will join us for our Church Picnic on Sunday, September 8th at Crown Park for a morning of music, worship, and afterwards, a tasty potluck!

Peter is described as:

A Seattle-based singer/songwriter who writes songs of celebration, healing and resistance. His music blends folk, gospel, classical and blues stylings.

He has brought his music into a vast diversity of spaces, including coffee shops, meditation halls, worship services, funerals, rallies, house shows, pubs, and prayer groups. His intention is to create music that facilitates healing, forges and strengthens bonds of intimacy between each other and with the Creator, and invites us into awareness that we are all part of one body, one flesh, one heart.

His inspirations include (in no particular order): Gillian Welch, Gospel music of all sorts, Rage Against The Machine, Outkast, Fleet Foxes, Human Voices, Joe Reilly, Seth Martin, Tara Hardy, Dorothy Day, Thich Nhat Hanh, Daniel Berrigan, Gandhi, birds, water, silence, his family, his friends, the Gospel of Jesus, his community members, and the people he serves meals to, along with countless others.

Above all, he hopes his music can be a means by which more love is brought into the world.

We can’t wait for him to share his music with us!