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I cannot believe that this is our last Sunday together. I feel like I have mostly been trying to not think about it, hoping that my own denial would help slow the process down. But that of course hasn’t happened at all. Preparing to leave these last three months has felt a lot like being swept away by a river, moving at the current that it chooses and taking me where it will. There are some of you who feel similar. We have all been thrust into discernment, transition and transformation. My hope is that however you feel about the situation, that you are finding your center in Jesus who is present with us in this moment.

I hope you will join us this Sunday as we say goodbye and bless one another in our parting. My time with you over these last 6 years have been incredibly rich and grounded in the grace of God.  I trust that the Spirit will help us recall all we need and guide us bravely into the future.

In Gospel Love,
C. Wess Daniels

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