What to Expect When Visiting Camas Friends

We would love to have you visit us for worship on Sunday morning. Here are a couple things that you might find helpful in knowing what to expect.

We are a pastoral “Christ-centered” Quaker meeting in Camas, Washington.

We meet every Sunday morning at 10:45am for worship in song, prayer, discussion and silence.

We are casual and we welcome everyone.

There is usually coffee and refreshments before worship begins.

We are family friendly. We have a children’s bulletin and crayons available to help engage the youngsters.

We have a nursery for small children, and we follow Godly Play curriculum for those pre-K to 5th grade.

We invite older kids to participate in our regular worship, and practice ‘listening for God’ with our meeting.

You can find out more about us here.



  1. Hello, I have been considering visiting Camas Friends church, but a person at my church is warning me not to, saying her husband left the Quaker tradition, and when I asked why, this is what she told me.

    “Because they do not believe in the security of the believer. They believe if you die with unconfessed sin you don’t go to heaven. They don’t have baptism or communion. They believe every man has an inner light that reveals Gods truths to them. Your inner light and my inner light can differ but we are both right. No absolute truth. That is just a few reasons.”

    Is this an accurate statement? Are these core beliefs? I am aware of not having baptism or communion, and I am familiar with the inner light concept. But what about her statement of “we are both right,” and “No absolute truth,”? Do Quakers believe that, as she says, if you die with unconfessed sin you won’t go to heaven?

    Please, I need some explanation of these things.


    1. I’ll make a few comments though I’m not claiming any expertise. Unconfessed sin sounds like some sort of formal process. God is our confessor and thus our sin is between us and God. We will be judged by the light we have and God knows our heart. I don’t think God has set any traps that are there to “catch” us in a moment of stumbling.
      Friends believe it is the Holy Spirit that baptizes us and our communion is spiritual and does not require a physical piece of bread.
      When we feel that God has led us to a particular conclusion, it is best to check it against scripture and see if other seekers of God’s guidance are able to confirm the leading you feel. I can imagine a situation in which both your “inner light” and mine might both be wrong rather than right. We can be more sure when we find ourselves in unity with the spiritual leading of others and of scripture. I think of the “inner light” as the presence of God’s Holy Spirit being present to speak to my heart. That voice may hard to hear amongst all the noise of the culture we live in but many manage to hear it and find the courage to act on it.

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