Light a Candle for Love


Thank you to all who participated!



When:      Sunday, November 13 at 6pm

Where:      Parking Lot of Camas Friends Church (1004 NE 4th Ave, Camas, WA)

Why:           To remind us all that love matters most. To cultivate and demonstrate a spirit of respect, inclusion, collaboration, compassion, and unity. To honor the light within all.

For:             EVERYONE. Any faith or non-faith. Any race or nationality. Any age. Any gender or sexual identity. Whether you voted Trump, Clinton, third-party, or did not vote. Whether you are angry, sad, scared, excited, hopeful, or indifferent in response to the election results.

What we did: Light candles. Stand in silence for 30 minutes. Meditate on love and peace for all. Speak from the heart to each other as desired at the end, with respect and humility.