Register for Peace Playhouse

11th Annual Peace Playhouse, August 2017!

Aug 8-10th from @ Camas Friends Church 

Tuesday the 8th: 8:45am-12:30pm

Wednesday the 9th: 9am-12:30pm

Thursday the 10th: 9am-2pm

Each summer Camas Friends puts on a 3-day camp for kids going into grades 4-6 called Peace Playhouse. Instead of offering the standard vacation Bible school the Camas Quakers put their heads together and created a “camp” that focuses on learning how to have peace with self, with others, and with the earth. The camp is free and open to members of the meeting and the public. Through various activities such as gardening, art, singing, yoga, journaling and other hands-on activities we work with young people to help them learn skills for living peaceful lives. You can register using the link below.

Registration Deadline: July 31th, 2017

Located at Camas Friends Church

1004 NE 4th Ave., Camas, WA