SafePark Program

Camas Friends Church is a SafePark location, in collaboration with the SafePark Program (a ministry of GoConnect).

A growing number of people in SW Washington are sleeping in their vehicles, having no other option for housing. Finding an overnight location to park safely and legally can be difficult. Camas Friends Church provides a safe and legal space for people to sleep as they seek stability in their lives.

While we have limited availability and resources, we may be able to accommodate individuals and families living in their cars or RVs. If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please contact Matt ( or Norma ( to arrange a time to meet in person to discuss this possibility.

Please note: any prospective guests must complete the SafePark process—including a consultation with the director of SafePark ( and a background check—before being approved to receive a parking permit for our parking lot and must also be prepared to commit to the SafePark Code of Conduct.