LGBTQ+ Pride and Upcoming Guest Speaker

Happy Pride Month!

LGBTQ+ Pride is about celebrating sexual and gender diversity. More concretely, it is about real people. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer people (among others) who may have lived much of their lives in an inhospitable space. People who have experienced discrimination and violence. People who deserve but have been denied respect, rights, and the affirmation that they and their love are sacred.

In light of Pride Month, and as a meeting of Friends committed to equality, to the belief that there is “that of God” in each one, and to tending wounds, consider saying a prayer today for the LGBTQ+ community.

Pray that those who are struggling to love themselves would truly feel a sense of pride in who they are. Pray that the world increasingly becomes a safe space for them to express that self-valuing pride and to love themselves as God loves them.

And pray that Camas Friends Church would increasingly be a supportive, protective, and liberating voice in their lives—an echo of the voice of Jesus. This is a journey of learning how to love that doesn’t end with a “declaration of welcome,” just as the vows you may have made on your wedding day were only a beginning. The work of love is ongoing.

In celebration of Pride Month, Camas Friends Church welcomes Stephen Herndon to the pulpit this Sunday. Stephen facilitates Triple Point, an LGBTQ+ youth support group in Clark County. Triple Point exists to empower LGBTQ+ youth and allies by providing education, safety, support and acceptance. Triple Point is more than a youth group, offering educational and leadership components, such as workshops surrounding healthy relationships within the LGBTQ+ community, as well as other topics and life skills that these young people could be lacking in their school and home lives. Stephen also provides community outreach to Middle and High School GSA’s and Diversity clubs as well as offers LGBTQ+ trainings to schools and agencies to assist in the understanding and best practices in working with LGBTQ+ individuals as well as social justice work.

Please join us this Sunday in giving Stephen a warm welcome while also enthusiastically demonstrating Camas Friends’ commitment to the full participation of LGBTQ+ folks in the life of our congregation. Let us also celebrate the important and life-saving work Stephen is doing in Clark County on behalf of youth while considering how we might participate in this crucial work.

In support of Triple Point and as a reflection of Friends’ testimonies to peace and equality, Matt and the CFC Elders invite you to prayerfully consider participating in a special offering this Sunday for the important peace and justice work of Triple Point.