Pedro Sosa from Project Voice Immigrant Rights Program speaking this Sunday (17th)

We welcome Pedro Sosa as our guest speaker in worship this coming Sunday (the 17th). Pedro works with the American Friends Service Committee and directs the Project Voice Immigrant Rights Program which “enhances the ability of immigrants to affirm their human rights and impact public policies that affect them.”

Pedro will speak during worship (which begins at 10:45am). About ten minutes after worship ends, Pedro will also host a Q&A time (starting around 12:15-12:25). Snack-y lunch provided. Child care also provided (both during worship and for the Q&A time after worship).

About the Project Voice Immigrant Rights Program:

“Project Voice conducts Know Your Rights training with immigrants in Oregon and Washington. Our dynamic popular education workshops incorporate up to the minute practical and legislative information. Through this initiative, thousands of immigrants have gained deeper understanding of their rights, and are empowered to uphold them.

“The project develops new leaders by providing in-depth training and capacity building support for immigrant groups seeking to develop skills in strategic planning, community organizing and policy advocacy. Our technical assistance and resources lay a strong foundation for immigrants seeking to take center stage in mobilizing their communities, educating the public and advocating with public officials.

“We put a human face on the complex immigration debate, mobilizing demonstrations, speaking out in the media and urging legislators to adopt just and humane immigration policies.”

From AFSC, on defending immigrant rights:

“All people deserve to be safe from harm and treated with fairness and dignity. As armed conflicts, poor economic conditions, environmental disasters, and weak governance drive record numbers of people to seek refuge, many face human rights violations, discrimination, and exploitation.

We work both to address the economic and political drivers of migration in multiple countries and to support migrant and refugee communities. Our immigration programs include legal services, training, human rights monitoring, humanitarian relief, immigrant-led organizing, and advocacy for humane immigration policies.”

Please join us for worship this Sunday to learn more Pedro’s work and to discern what it might mean for you moving forward. The best way to enter is through the wooden doors on 4th Ave.