Right Sharing of World Resources Fundraiser at CFC

Over the next three months, Camas Friends will be working to raise $6500 to fund a full project with the organization Right Sharing of World Resources.

Right Sharing is a Quaker organization that seeks to put the testimonies of Simplicity and Equality into practice. The organization gives seed grants to groups of women, such as the Kenyan women’s group pictured above. The grants are used to create a revolving microloan fund that the women use to start or expand businesses and lift themselves out of poverty. In addition to Kenya, Right Sharing has projects in Sierra Leone and India.

While anyone can give a gift to Right Sharing at any time, by raising money together we can fund an entire project. Once the money is given, we will be able to choose from among several projects which one we wish to fund, and then we will be able to follow that project over the months and years as the women use the funds to change their lives. We will even be able to send messages to them and tell them about ourselves.

Please begin to consider how you and your family may be able to support this project over the next three months. Can you set aside a portion of your income over the next few months to change the lives of the poorest of the poor? Can you simplify your life? Are there things that you don’t need that you could forgo or sell, and use that money to support the project? If you are already making charitable donations to help the poorest of the world’s poor, perhaps consider diverting that money through this Church project over the next few months, so that instead of individual charity, we can do something larger together.

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Donations for the Right Sharing Project can be given at the Meeting house or online. Checks should be made to Camas Friends Church. Either on checks or online, if the memo line is marked “Right Sharing”, the money will end up in the right place.

For more information, please visit rswr.org or come to church on Sunday for regular announcements and updates. Contact Janet Grove with questions or fundraising ideas.

-From Janet Grove, clerk of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee