Brandi Miller speaking this Sunday (July 26th)

Based out of Seattle, Brandi Miller is the host of Reclaiming My Theology, a space to take our theology back from ideas and systems that oppress. She is a staff member and justice program director with a college campus ministry and works at the intersection of faith, justice, and politics.

Brandi will be speaking on the topic of “Becoming a Good Ancestor,” drawing on themes from Exodus 1 and Jeremiah 29.

Here are some pieces Brandi has written:

Want to End Mass Shootings? Start With Toxic Masculinity (Sojourners)
What Is It Going To Take For Black Lives To Matter In America? (HuffPo)
The Chasm Between White Theology and Black Liberation (Salt Collective)

And a link to her podcast: Reclaiming My Theology

Please join us this Sunday for worship via Zoom! Contact for instructions on how to join the Zoom call.