A VISION FROM 2050: LOOKING BACK ON COVID-19 & CLIMATE CHANGE (Guest Speaker: Hayley Hathaway)

Hayley Hathaway is Communications Coordinator for Quaker Earthcare Witness, a North American network of Friends taking spirit-led action to address the ecological crises of our times. She is the former director of Casa de los Amigos, a historic Quaker center for peace and understanding in Mexico City. She attends Santa Fe Friends Meeting (IMYM) and is a local climate activist. Talk to her about radical hospitality, alternative economics, intentional communities, indie rock music, your pets, small-scale farming, queer TV, and all things Quaker.  


What does this 2020 moment look like from 30 years later?
If you were talking to yourself today from the year 2050, what wisdom would you share?
How are you feeling lead (in 2020) to seek transformation in yourself? In your community? What must you leave behind?