Why I Have Hope (Guest Speaker Faith Marsalli)

Faith Marsalli is a recently retired Friends Minister who pastored In Klamath Falls for over 20 years. She moved to Klamath Falls from the Portland area with her family 29 years ago and has lived there ever since.  She has two adult daughters, Lydia and Sophia. She was recorded in 2002 by NWYM and later transferred her recording to SCYMF.  Faith is excited to enter into new adventures in ministry at this stage of her life!  Faith is a progressive Christ-centered Friend committed to living out our Quaker distinctives.

“It appears to me that whatever we suffer now will show up only dimly when compared to the wonders God has in store for us.  It is as though all creation is standing on tiptoe longing to see an unforgettable vision, the children of God being born into wholeness.

Although creation is unfinished, still in process of being born, it carries within a secret hope.  And the hope is this: A day will come when we will be rescued from the pain of our limitation and incompleteness and be given our share of freedom that can only belong to the children of God.

At the present moment all creation is struggling as though in the pangs of childbirth.  And that struggling creation includes even those who have had a taste of the spirit. We peer into the future with our limited vision, unable to see all that we are destined to be yet believing because of a hope we carry so deep within.   

(Paraphrase of Romans 8:18-25 by Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of the Heart)


What do I feel hopeful about this morning?

What is my spiritual practice for remaining hopeful in these troubled times?

Where do I need to put hope into action in the coming week?