Staff & Clerks

Administrative Assistant: Kendra Purcell (

Kendra with family

Clerk of Elders: Norma Silliman (

Norma (R) with niece Amy

Elder: Heather Tricola (

Heather (formerly Heather Goecks) grew up being formed by Camas Friends.  As an adult, she moved back to Camas, in large part because of her church family.  She is married to Brad Tricola, and they have three rambunctious sons.  For work, Heather is a middle school science and math teacher.  She enjoys reading, camping, board games, and working on social justice issues.  Heather values the participatory nature of Camas Friends, and the emphasis on making a difference in the world.

Heather and husband Brad

Elder: Debbie Hagen (

Debbie (L) with mother, Mavis

Clerk of Stewards: Jim Goecks (

Jim and Jean and Loay
Jim (L) with his wife Jean and recent exchange student Loay

Treasurer: Joy Williams (

Joy and Leslie
Joy (L) and Leslie (R) delighted by…bells?

Presiding Clerk: Brad Tricola

Brad, kissed

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