Camas Friends Youth 2018-19 (5th-12th grades)

Youth Discussion Group

On the first Sunday of every month, youth are invited to join Brad Tricola in a discussion group during the church service.  Students will be encouraged to explore the Bible and their faith, ask questions, and think deeply.  

Yearly Meeting Youth

Camas Friends is part of a larger group of Quakers in the Northwest called the Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends.  Camas Friends Youth are invited to fully participate in the “adult” business meetings, and to join other youth in connecting activities.  Contact Heather Tricola for more information or for help with transportation. Here are the scheduled events:

-October 20th:  Gathering at Eugene Friends

-February 16th: Gathering at West Hills Friends in Portland

-March 24th?:  Visit West Hills Friends Youth Group

-May 17-19th:  Yearly Meeting (Youth will have their own cabins)

-Summer:  Middle School Camp & High School Camp

Youth-Oriented Events

Throughout the year, we have a variety of connecting events.  Heather Tricola will team with a different youth family for each event.  At these events, youth are the target audience, but parents and siblings are welcome too.  A schedule of events is on the other side of this page.


Contact Heather Tricola
(503)908-2676 (cell),