Children’s Church (Godly Play)

Come, Join the Circle!  Children’s Church (Godly Play) is beginning the New Year in a new way with a new curriculum!  How can you help?  Ask God what gift you might have to share with the children and families of Camas Friends, and then consider volunteering in ministry for Children’s Church. Each week, four people will team up and connect with our kids.

Perhaps you prefer one on one connections with kids – you’re a Shepherd!  Maybe you love to cook with kids, or sing, or draw, or act – you’re a Specialist!  Maybe you’re a Youth who doesn’t mind hanging out and helping little kids – what a help you would be!  Maybe you love sharing scripture stories with kids – you’re a Storyteller!

Come Join the Circle.  Come, join our team!  Check out the calendar of Sundays on the Meetingroom table, and see when you might be available, and sign up, or let Ruthie Tippin know what you’d like to do.  Contact Ruthie Tippin at 317-385-3877 or at  Thanks!

Children’s Church meets during the second half of our worship service (starting usually around 11:20-11:30).

Note: We are big proponents of Godly Play. Initially a children’s curriculum created by Jerome Berryman, it has become a global tool for helping honor the innate spirituality of children and guide them through the stories of Scripture in a way that allows them to experience the wonder and awe of God’s words. You can learn more about Godly Play here. We are temporarily using a different approach in our children’s ministry but will likely resume the Godly Play format later in the year.