August 2011 Newsletter

Come Out My People! Upcoming Exodus Sermon Series

Exodus has been a longstanding powerful story about God-the-liberator. It tells the story of God’s revelation to Moses and subsequent call out of the Egyptian Empire and into the wilderness, a people led by God alone.  Beginning in August we will follow the lectionary through the book of Exodus. Over the course of the next few months we will delve into what it means that God is a liberator God, one who calls his people out of empire and into a community that is guided directly by his hand.

Some of our queries for the series will be:

What does the Old Testament book of Exodus have to say to us as a people today?

How has the book been read by previous generations of the faithful?

What do we need liberated from and might it be for us an inspiration for us in being “called out?”

NEW! “Soup and Bread” – Meetings for Learning: Wednesday August 17 6-8pm

We are beginning a new weekly gathering at Camas Friends. Every Wednesday you can come enjoy “Soup and Bread” which will be a meal and “meetings for learning” beginning August 17th at 6:30pm. For our first run of our new meetings we invite you to bring your own dinner (from the Farmer’s Market or elsewhere) and eat together with the rest of us in the fireside room from 6-6:30pm. (We plan to begin coordinating community made meals for the fall). Then 6:30-8pm we will move into our small group time which will be on “Discernment: Individual, Group and Family Decision-Making.” The class will focus on what discernment is, why practice discernment, developing listening and discernment skills and how to practice it as individuals, groups and families.

The books we will be using for the class “Practicing Discernment Together” will be purchased by the church at $13 each. If you would like for the office to buy a copy for you please state that on the sign-up sheet (or online form). They are available from

There will be also childcare provided for the parents who would like to participate. Please let us know if you need childcare and how many kids you plan to bring. If you would like to help with childcare please let us know that as well.

Look for a sign up sheet on Sunday morning or fill out the online form at

For more information please talk to Wess Daniels, Wally Cole, or Lee Foster.

Zachary Moon Report

I am grateful for my strengthening relationship with Camas Friends. Over the last eight months this ministry partnership, starting with written correspondence and conversation, and now with monthly calls with a ministry care committee and opportunities to visit, has developed into something special. Quakers have always believed that ministry is meant to be shared by and with the community, rather than the actions of an individual. The ministry – to care for military and their families – that God laid on my heart has also found its roots in the hearts of the care committee and many members of Camas Friends. I am inspired and humbled by the sincere and generous sharing and support that so many of you have offered me.

Following two years of serving veterans and their families within the Veterans Affairs medical system, God has opened two new opportunities to continue in this ministry. I have already begun serving as the chaplain for The Pathway Home, non-profit residential trauma recovery program for recently returned warriors. All of these veterans are suffering with serious symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and are struggling to reintegrate into their families and communities following combat. In addition to this work, I will begin working as a commissioned military chaplain with Navy and Marine units stationed in Alameda, California, likely beginning in September.

Please keep me, the care committee, and this ministry in your prayers. If you have any questions or feedback for me, I can always be reached by email at

Book Spotlight:

Against the Tide by Miroslav Volf

A compelling summons to active Christian love in a culture stripped of grace.  Miroslav Volf’s writing beautifully points away from pettiness and selfishness so prominent in our culture today and toward the love that Christians are called to exemplify.  His insights in this volume will inform and inspire all who wish to follow that path of love.

Book Spotlight:

Banned: Questions About The Bible by Christian Piatt

Where did Adam and Eve’s kids find spouses?  Does God justify violence in scripture?  Does the Bible call for sexual purity? (And what qualifies as pure and impure?)

Ever get the feeling that you can’t ask those kinds of questions at church? But if we can’t ask the tough, keep-you-awake-at-night questions within our faith communities, then what good are those communities?  Listen in as more than a dozen contributors – whose ranks include a recovering consumer, a religious satirist, and a seminary president – discuss the questions your Sunday School teachers were afraid to answer.

A Picture of Peace Playhouse By Heather Tricola

Children join to negotiate what pictures to put on a group poster.  A boy stretches into a yoga cat pose.  A girl turns an old Capri Sun into a coin purse.   This particular group of activities could only mean that Camas Friends’ Peace Playhouse has arrived.  This is the fifth year that Camas Friends has put on this day camp for the community.  The emphasis is peace, a theme that people of all beliefs can gather around.

This summer’s Peace Camp was a hit, with 28 children blessed by the ministry.   Art, music, stories, yoga, gardening, and peace…each element had an impact on the students and they had a lot to say about their experience.  Holt declared he liked having fun, saying that he really liked the music.  Brad Tricola led with the guitar, with “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” taking center stage.  Emily Daniels led the children in yoga exercises, including the favorite cat to cow back stretch (there’s probably a more official yoga term for that).  Braden deemed the yoga “Farm Yoga”, which Emilia liked the best saying, “It was really fun.”  Isaac liked going on the playground and getting chased around by Josh.

Jessica Maloney and Joyce Myers organized the art time around the theme of recycling, creating hand bags, coin purses, and paper out of used materials.  Falissitie learned that she can do art “any kind of way.  You can make all sorts of things out of cereal boxes, juice pouches.  You can rip other pieces of paper, put it in the blender and you can make something out of it.”  Mavis Hartman, Debbie Twyman, and Leslie Cole prepared the wonderful meals we shared together (hooray for homemade rolls).  Sheri Hendrix’s garden time included creative plant naming, exploring invasive species, and planting edible flowers.  Brynn explained, “I learned that plants can be bullies, like ivy just takes over other plants.”  She also described one of the peace lessons she learned, “You shouldn’t bully other people just to do something for yourself.”

This year, students learned about and practiced peace with self, peace with others, and peace with creation.  Teachers included Ron Myers, Linda Shinn, and Marie Morasch with the older kids, Evelyn Myers and Helen May with the younger elementary kids, and Debbie Hagen and Lisa Hartman with the pre-school kids.  Braden said he “liked making a poster working with two other boys.”  Desiree explained, “I learned how to have teamwork with others.”  Lessons learned at Peace Playhouse help children to have healthier relationships, something the world really needs.

A big thank you goes out to all of the adults and teenagers that helped put this on, and to all of the wonderful student participants.  And if you missed out, there’s always next year…

NEW: Laundry Love 3rd Thursday and BBQ

This past month we celebrated the summer with a little BBQ over at Riverside Laundry in Washougal where our church sponsors “Laundry Love” every first Thursday of the month. During that time we help families wash clothes by providing the quarters, the detergent, informational resources and friendship to those in the Camas-Washougal community. Our church has really enjoyed doing this project and we continue to gain momentum for this work. The BBQ was a success.

**We have also decided to pick up the 3rd Thursday of August Laundry Love. We could use a couple extra hands to help out – please talk with Jason Twyman, Wess Daniels or Pat Wallace.

Planning Ahead

September: Vancouver Peace Fair
Last year we had a wonderful time helping with the Vancouver Peace Fair. The fair is Saturday September 10th. If you are interested in helping with the fair please let Al Hendrix (clerk of our outreach committee) know so we can determine if we have enough interest to help again this year.

October: Rummage Sale: Coming in October
This coming October we will be having a church-wide rummage sale. This is a great opportunity to get rid of that stuff cluttering the back of your closets and help the church raise some funds. Please bring your items for the sale pre-priced. We will also need help with setup and running the sale. Look for more information on the sale on the website and in the September newsletter.

December: All Church Retreat
Each December we gather together as a church out on the coast of Oregon out at Twin Rocks Friends Camp for a time of rest, worship, family fun and community building. We take the time leading up to Advent to refocus our attention on the birth of Jesus into the world, and the meaning that this has for us as a Quaker meeting. This year’s all church retreat is December 2-4. We sure hope that whether you’re new to the community or have been around a long time you’ll join us for this great Camas Friends tradition.