July 2011 Newsletter

The CFC Newsletter Is Here

I’ve been wanting to try and put together some kind of a newsletter for our church for awhile and Helen and I have finally gotten the first one off. What do you think? We figured it was best to get one out there and then get your feedback on what kinds of things you might like to have in the newsletter. What do you want to know about, etc? This is all in the early stages so things will probably change, but we thought we’d give it a shot.
My hope is that this will help with getting the word out about what’s coming up, important dates and other community related news that you might find useful.

If you’d like to submit something (dates, events, op-eds, etc) to the newsletter please contact Helen at the office by email (office@camasfriends.org) or by phone (360-834-2446).

Peace Playhouse is Coming Up!

July 19, 20 and 21 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Grades 4-6

Cost: Free

For the past 4 years Camas Friends has been putting on a 3 day camp for young people called Peace Playhouse. Instead of offering the standard vacation Bible school the Camas Quakers put their heads together and created a camp that focuses on learning how to have peace with self, with others and with the earth. Through various activities such as gardening, art, singing, yoga, journaling and other hands on activities we work with young people to help them learn skills for living peaceful lives .

 For more information, or to register, go to camasfriends.org and follow the links on the home page or contact the church office for assistance.

Have questions about peace playhouse? See our FAQs page at: http://goo.gl/iNpOy

Yearly Meeting Sessions July 24-29

Every year the Friends’ churches from around our yearly meeting gather to do business, worship, learn, and have fun together. The Northwest Yearly Meeting, of which Camas Friends is a part, does this once a year (thus yearly meeting) for a full week at George Fox University in Newberg Oregon. It really is a great time to come whether for the whole week or just a day or two. There are kids camps, workshops, lots of great worship, and important business to do together. One of the main pieces of business we’ll be doing is discernment around our new superintendent. If you are interested in going to yearly meeting this year you can talk to Leslie and Wally Cole, they are our yearly meeting representatives this year and will be going for the week.
You can also register online at http://nwfriends.org

Superintendent Nomination

This year, as most of you know, Wess was on the search committee put together to find the new superintendent. The committee has finished their work and made the recommendation that Becky Ankeny become the yearly meeting’s next superintendent. The recommendation will be taken before the yearly meeting in July for final approval. Tom Stave, the clerk of our yearly meeting writes this:

“Becky Ankeny brings strong gifts of compassion, experience, leadership and love for Christ and His church.  She is a long time member of Northwest Yearly Meeting, and a recorded Friends Minister.  Her leadership roles in the Yearly Meeting include prior service on the boards of Communication and Ministerial Service.  Currently she is the Clerk of the Board of Elders, which is responsible for overseeing the spiritual well-being of the Yearly Meeting, providing counsel and training for local church elders, and helping local churches respond to conflict or crisis.  She also chairs the board of trustees of Friendsview Retirement Community.  Becky frequently provides pulpit supply in NWYM churches, and has served recently as interim pastor at Vancouver.  She has a long career as a professor of writing and literature, and has held a number of administrative positions at George Fox University.  She is regarded as a particularly strong writer, able to communicate about spiritual and cultural matters in ways that are fresh, hopeful and challenging.  Persons who know her ministry identified in her many qualities that are important to leadership of the Yearly Meeting: listening, conflict resolution, pastoral care, trust-building, biblical understanding, preaching and written communication skills, organizational leadership, commitment to Friends’ values and mission, and a deep love for Jesus.”
You can read more about it here (http://goo.gl/ps81e). Please be praying for our annual sessions as we seek to find unity around this nomination under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Laundry Love BBQ

Our Laundry Love outreach continues to flourish and has become a staple in the community that helps provide a basic need for low-income families in Camas-Washougal. We are always looking for help with funding (no matter how small or large) since we currently fund the project through members in our meeting who give their spare change. If you have a place of business that you think would be willing to set out one of our washing machine coin collectors please talk with Wess or Helen.

We need your help with our BBQ in July.

Thursday, July 7 from 6-8pm we will be hosting a barbeque at Riverside Laundry during the Laundry Love Project.  Come enjoy BBQ and hang out. Bring something to share if you’d like.  Riverside Laundry is located at 921 4th Street in Washougal.

Contact the church office for more details.

Hope and Action Award

We have been working over the last year and a half to educate ourselves on issues related to poverty and low-income families in the community. Many of you have helped support this work in a variety of ways. We were surprised and honored to receive this message from Clark County’s Council for the Homeless this past week:  Camas Friends Church, Pat Wallace, and Pastor Wess Daniels were nominated for a 2011 Council for the Homeless Hope & Action Award.  The selection committee is delighted to honor them as 2011 Community Advocates for their work on behalf of the most vulnerable struggling with poverty and homelessness in our community.  Honorees will be recognized at our annual luncheon on September 23, 2011 at the Hilton, Vancouver.

About Camas Friends

We are a Christ-centered Quaker community that seeks to live out faith by loving God and loving our neighbors.  We are a community committed to following the way of Jesus. We are also a community that takes very seriously our Quaker tradition and its practices. We see living the way of Christ as being connected to and flowing out of our faith tradition. Quaker practices help us be the kind of community able to follow Jesus in a world often hostile to his life and message. We believe that God moves within, speaks to, calls and loves all people.  This is why we worship in a way that allows for God to move and speak to each of us. We are each ministers, Christ is at the head rather than a pastor or bishop.