Peace Playhouse 2019

Camas Friends Church will be hosting our eleventh annual Peace Camp. It is primarily geared toward kids who are going into 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, though we also have programming for kids going into kindergarten through third grade. Cost is free.

2019 Dates:
Tues, Jul 30 (8:45-noon)
Wed, Jul 31 (9-noon)
Thurs, Aug 1 (9-1pm [including presentation and potluck for kids and parents at noon])

Registration is live! Click HERE to register.

Peace Playhouse is a great opportunity to grow as a peacemaker. You will learn about how to have peace with yourself, with others, and with all of creation. Conflict resolution, self-care, compassionate care for those in our world who most suffer, and care for the earth are some topics we’ve engaged in recent years. We will have discussion, activities, yoga, gardening, art, and music. And snacks!


  1. We are SO HAPPY to see that Peace Playhouse is still going after 7 years! We miss putting this together with all the wonderful people at Camas Friends and we still miss you all.

    Richard and Eileen

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