About “Open” or Silent Worship

Though we are a “pastoral” Quaker meeting we also worship in silence, or what we most often call “Open” worship. If you’d like to understand more about why we do this and how it is practiced you can read this document.

The Faith and Practice of the Northwest Yearly Meeting.

The Northwest Yearly Meeting is the Quaker denominational head of which we are a part. You can find what we believe and practice in the document called “Faith and Practice.”

Sermons (Podcast Instructions Below)

We have a number of ways in which messages are given during our meetings for worship. Usually Wess, our released minister, preaches but often there are guests and members of our local meeting who offer the morning message. We strive to be a fully participative community where everyone (young and old, male and female) have a voice.  The “message” portion of worship ranges from someone offering a sermon, to someone asking questions and the congregation having a discussion about it. What you see one Sunday may or may not reflect what will happen the next Sunday! We try and keep things interactive, meaningful, Spirit-centered, and flexible.

There are many ways we learn together as a community.

One of those ways is through our dialogues with the biblical text. We do this not simply on Sunday mornings but throughout the week, that’s why these texts are posted here on this blog. It’s an invitation to reflect on what the Holy Spirit maybe saying through these stories to us and it also gives us a chance to prepare collectively for our Sunday morning meeting for worship.

Listen to the Messages as a Podcast (Instructions)

You can also listen to the Sunday morning sermons online through iTunes’ podcast service (follow this link to go directly to the podcast). Here’s how:

  • First, you need to have the iTunes music player on your computer which is a free download and works with both PC and Macs.
  • Second, once you have iTunes downloaded and opened on your computer click this link to go directly to the podcast.
  • Third, Click subscribe on the Camas Friends Church podcast and your download will begin.
  • Fourth, Click in the left hand column iTunes on “podcast” and you should see the latest from Camas Friends there. Double click to listen.

If the link above doesn’t work you can

  • You can click in the left column on iTunes music store.
  • Once in the store, search in the search box (top right corner) – “Camas Friends Church” once it comes up, click on the icon and select subscribe.
  • Follow point #4 above to listen.

There are other opportunities to learn as well. Here is what is happening right now:

  • Sunday School which starts at 9:30 am every week.
  • Last Sundays for the Earth Monthly Film and Discussion Series – Last Sundaysat 6:30pm.
  • Quakerism 101 classes (more information soon)
  • Small group book study on Manna and Mercy Monday Nights at 6:45-8:30pm (contact office for location).

See Education page for more details.