Camas Friends Church

A Quaker Meeting in Camas, WA

Sunday Morning Volunteer Schedules July – September 2017





Date Host Prayer Coffee Greeter Wylie Rides Story Teller Door Keeper
July 2 Norma Silliman Henry Sessions Kendra Purcell Lynette Fazio Norma Silliman Heather Tricola Debbie Hagen
July 9 Carolyn Myers Joy Williams Tina Wheeler & Joy Williams Ron Myers Lee Foster Norma Silliman
July 16 Kendra Purcell Lynette Fazio Jim Miller Leslie Cole Mark Schmid Gina Wood Jay May
July 23 Joy Williams Kendra Purcell Sally Butterfield Don Williams Mark Schmid Gina Wood
July 30 Marilyn Miller Carolyn Myers Lynette Fazio Sally Butterfield Ron & Carolyn Myers Debbie Hagen Norma Silliman
Aug 6 Joann Boswell Norma Silliman Tina Wheeler & Joy Williams Leslie Cole Lee Foster Debbie Hagen Jessica Maloney
Aug 13 Carolyn Myers Leslie Cole Joann Boswell Ron Myers Don & Joy Williams Debbie Hagen Sarah Gooch
Aug 20 Joann Boswell Carolyn Myers Sally Butterfield Sarah Gooch Ron & Carolyn Myers Kendra Purcell Jay May
Aug 27 Joy Williams Brad Tricola Kendra Purcell Don Williams Mark Schmid Gina Wood Norma Silliman
Sept 3 Marilyn Miller Carolyn Myers Jim Miller Leslie Cole Ron & Carolyn Myers Debbie Hagen Jessica Maloney
Sept 10 Carolyn Myers Brad Tricola Adam Fazio Sarah Gooch Lee Foster Gina Wood Jessica Maloney
Sept 17 Norma Silliman Heather Tricola Joann Boswell Sally Butterfield Norma Silliman Gina Wood Heather Tricola
Sept 24 Kendra Purcell Norma Silliman Sally Butterfield Sarah Gooch Mark Schmid Gina Wood Jay May


Blessings,If you are unsure about whether or not you might be signed up to volunteer on a given Sunday, or if you are looking for someone to trade days with, please check our online Sunday Volunteer Schedule above to get the most up-to-date information. If you see that you are signed up for a day you won’t be able to make, please contact Camas Friends as soon as possible at or call us at (360) 834-2446.

Camas Friends Church

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Meeting Times for Worship

10:30am Coffee

10:45-12:15pm Sunday Morning Worship

11:15-12:15pm Nursery available for children 3 and under

11:30-12:15pm Godly Play for Children (ages 4 to 11) (info)

Contact Us

Phone: (360) 834-2446


Address:1004 NE 4th Ave Camas, WA 98607 (Map)

Twitter: @camasfriends

Facebook: camasquakers

AA and other 12 Step Groups: Info about AA, Al-Anon,etc.

Evolutions Preschool: Info about Evolutions Preschool

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