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You can stream, download or subscribe to our weekly podcast by following this link:

You can also subscribe via the iTunes Podcast directory online (if you need assistance with iTunes see instructions below).

Instructions for iTunes

Here’s how you can subscribe using iTunes:

  • First, you need to have the iTunes music player on your computer which is a free download and works with both PC and Macs.
  • Second, once you have iTunes downloaded and opened on your computer click this link to go directly to the podcast.
  • Third, Click subscribe on the Camas Friends Church podcast and your download will begin.
  • Fourth, Click in the left hand column iTunes on “podcast” and you should see the latest from Camas Friends there. Double click to listen.

If the link above doesn’t work you can

  • Click in the left column on iTunes music store.
  • (Once in the store) Search in the search box (top right corner) – “Camas Friends Church” once it comes up, click on the icon and select subscribe.
  • Follow point #4 above to listen.

A Theology of Learning together

There are many ways we learn together as a community.

One of those ways is through our dialogues with the biblical text. We do this not simply on Sunday mornings but throughout the entire week. That is why these weekly preparation texts and queries are posted on the homepage of this website. It’s an invitation to reflect on what the Holy Spirit may be saying through these stories to us and it also gives us a chance to prepare collectively for our Sunday morning meeting for worship.

When we gather for worship on Sunday morning we learn together by having opportunities to speak our own experiences about the texts and God’s movement within us before our meeting for worship.

The goal for us is not to have one “expert” tell us what to think, but rather draw on the collective wisdom of all in our midst.

As a worshipping community we open ourselves to Jesus who is our present teacher.

The “messages” are then set within this context.

They are meant to raise questions, drive us to further reflection, and enable us to better participate in the work of Christ in the world.

They are not meant to offer the “answer” that closes down all other possible interpretations and implications these texts may offer us.

We welcome you into this process of learning, listening and worship with us.

* Image credit to Doug Neill.


  1. Remember the Sunday morning class starts at 9:30 with the first few minutes spent with concerns of the week.
    I am interested in Quakerism 101 classes. I look forward to more information.

    1. Thanks Evelyn, updated the time on this page and on the contact page. I’m thinking we’ll start up the Quakerism 101 in the new year. Thanks for your interest.

  2. I’m looking forward to having Cherice speak to us! I’m a long time friend of her family and know she has put a lot of thought into wht she has to say.

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